Livestock Virgen María

Welcome to the Virgen María livestock webpage, a recently created project result of the enthusiasm and fondness of a team that is passionate about bullfighting.

It all started as an adventure in France in 2002, with a small number of cows and a stallion. The passion we felt for the bulls made the adventure a great project in the medium and long term and we are now starting to enjoy the results.

After a few years in the southeast of France, we decided to move to Seville; it is a very important land of bulls, and organizing tentaderos (testing) there is much easier, it is a good area to raise cattle and we are in the center of an area that we love. However, our white and celestial currency (flag of Marseille) reminds us of our origin and procedence.

When we moved to Seville, we kept only the cattle with the irons of Daniel Ruiz, Victoriano del Río and Jandilla, eliminating the rest. In addition, we boutht a part of the Marqués of Domecq, and with that we created a new genetic line. In both cases, we look for a very specific bull: with bravery, motor, strength, transmission, duration, nobility, class and that is complete in all thirds. The good thing about all this is that looking for the same line, in each iron the bulls have the nuances proper of the livestocks from which they come, and that makes them very different without losing the features that we like.

We firmly believe that we have to show the field, so that everyone can understand why the bull is so special to us. It has absolutely nothing to do with what you see in the bullring with what is on the livestock and, whether you are fond of them or not, it is something that you have to know in person.

We take care of nature as much as we can, we live day by day with the animals and we know the history of their lives, we share with them each task and we try above all that they are as good as possible. To all this we must add the fauna and flora that surround the bull in the pasture, a whole ecosystem worth knowing.

We wait for you.


Representative: Jean Marie Raymond.
Currency: Light blue, white and light blue.
Acronym: UOA.
Ear signal: Orejisana in both.
Antiquity: March 20, 2010.
Origin:Daniel Ruiz, Jandilla and Victoriano del Río


Representative: Jean Marie Raymond.
Currency: Red, white and red.
Acronym: UNL.
Ear signal: Orejisana in both.
Without antiquity.
Marqués de Domecq.


Enjoy nature in its purest estate.
Share with us a few hours in the Virgen María livestock and enjoy watching the daily tasks.