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Season 2019.

The end of the season is coming to an end, the season that has put a breath of fresh air for us, with good and bad times, with hard days and others that have given us life. We started in Gerena (Seville) at the end of February with a beautiful festival that recovered the celebrations in the city after several years of absence and in which Manuel Jesús “El Cid”, Manuel Escribano, Daniel Luque and Miguel Ángel León fought. A […]

Ubrique e Istres, dos pasos en la dirección correcta.

The last month of June was very important for the livestock. We took part in an amazing bullfight in Ubrique with Javier Conde (who, if it wasn’t for the sword, would have managed to cut a tail), Víctor Janeiro and Julio Benítez “El Cordobés”; The bulls offered a great performance and we kept following the line we had been tracing until now. Perhaps we had a higher impact on the novillada (bullfight with young bulls), fought days later in the […]

Córdoba. 25 of May 2018

Last Friday, May 25, we took two reserve bulls to the bullring in Córdoba. Having to deal with a bull was a bad sign because that meant that another had had a problem, but it is also true that every animal that comes to the bullring is an opportunity for a cattle that is beginning to gain followers. The bull 27 “ENTORNADO” was a bull that we loved for its morphology, its expression, its behavior, ancestry and genealogy. He came […]

New date in Istres

The first celebration in which we are announced with a complete closure is in Istres (France).