Season 2019.

The end of the season is coming to an end, the season that has put a breath of fresh air for us, with good and bad times, with hard days and others that have given us life.

We started in Gerena (Seville) at the end of February with a beautiful festival that recovered the celebrations in the city after several years of absence and in which Manuel Jesús “El Cid”, Manuel Escribano, Daniel Luque and Miguel Ángel León fought. A few days later, Salvador Cortés would fight with a bull in another festival that took place in Alcalá del Río (Seville). These festivals are a beautiful beginning at the start of the season, to warm the farmers, bullfighters and the general public.

May arrived and after the success of the 27th bull named Toned in Cordoba last year, we started a full race. The group was composed by Antonio Ferrera, Emilio de Justo and Ginés Marín. The bulls gave a very good game and there were moments of much transmission.

At the end of June, we went with two bulls to Zamora to complete a run and, although it is not pleasant that these things happen, each bull that goes out to the ring is a golden opportunity to show their quality. They ended up in the hands of Morante de la Puebla and Julián López “El Juli”; They embroidered the bullfights and managed to get everything they had inside, which was not small. These two bulls are the ones that opened the doors of Mallorca, where an eight bullfight was fought on August 9 after bullfighting was banned on the islands. Sharing a poster with Juan Pedro Domecq, we fought four bulls that shone from beginning to end, especially two of them: 94 Wafer and 95 Oreado, who played “El Juli” and “El Fandi”, respectively. 95 Oreado was asked for forgiveness and was not granted due the confusion or ignorance of the regulations, but in any case, he lost a great bull that deserved to return home. He was rewarded with the return to the ring.

The next day we dealt four steers in Almonaster La Real, a beautiful town in the province of Huelva. It was a very special day, because we saw the first products of some new stallions and they promise much more than we thought. We are on the right way.

Javier Orozco and Ruíz Muñoz fought our bullfight in Blanca (Murcia) and Javier managed to meet with a high quality steer who was asked for the pardon, but we believe that he still lacked a point for the excellence that this trophy entails. Even so, it was a great steer to which he cut the maximum trophies and was awarded with the return to the ring.

The last bullfight took place in Tomelloso (Ciudad Real) at the end of August. Morante de la Puebla, Cayetano and Antonio Linares appeared on the poster. The golden clasp on a good run was given by the 43 Manifesto bull, which ended up in the hands of Antonio Linares. It had a lot of transmission, class, engine and delivery, it was exceptional and for that reason they took out the blue handkerchief, being the third one that obtains it in the last four celebrations. But, although trophies are always important and well received, the most important of all is the general line of the whole season; having bulls that have come out both above and below, there have been very definite guidelines that have been present in all the celebrations.

At the beginning of September, we took a steer to the town where we currently reside, Guillena, and he was very applauded. For now, the only date we have pending is next October 26 in Samadet (France) in a charity festival that we hope to sell all tickets. Good luck to everyone!

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