Ubrique e Istres, dos pasos en la dirección correcta.

The last month of June was very important for the livestock. We took part in an amazing bullfight in Ubrique with Javier Conde (who, if it wasn’t for the sword, would have managed to cut a tail), Víctor Janeiro and Julio Benítez “El Cordobés”; The bulls offered a great performance and we kept following the line we had been tracing until now.

Perhaps we had a higher impact on the novillada (bullfight with young bulls), fought days later in the French bullfighting arena of Istres, from the livestock point of view, since we tried some new stallions that could not have left us better taste. Adrien Salenc, Cristian Pérez and Vincent Pérez succeeded with the bull run. It is very important for us to know that we are on the right track. It has been one of the most complete celebrations we have ever performed.

The future dates that we have before us are: August 8 in Malaga, with a novillada without picks for six novices from different bullfighting schools, and on August 11 in Pontevedra, with a mixed bullfight. Diego Ventura will start on the bullfight arena with two bulls from Los Espartales, and we will take four bulls with the Virgin Mary iron for Antonio Ferrera and “El Fandi”. Good luck to all.

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